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Known for its famed and talented Sham Chaurasi Gharana, the Municipal Council of Sham Chaurasi is located in the Hoshiarpur District of Punjab, India. The Sham Chaurasi Gharana is a gharana or a musical heritage popular in Indian Classical Music, and is mainly eminent in singing of vocal duets. It is remarkably signified in current period by the known brothers Salamat Ali Khan and Nazakat Ali Khan and got its name from the Sham Chaurasi Village itself. Below, in this precise article about this city of Sham Chaurasi we are going to explore our knowledge about the town as well as this notable Gharana of India.

About Sham Churasi
Gate Darbar Baba Shami Shah Ji Sham Churasi, Hoshiarpur

History of Sham Chaurasi Gharana

It is said that the Sham Chaurasi Gharana was established in the 16th century specifically by Mian Chand Khan and Mian Suraj Khan, who were the peers and fellows of Mian Tansen in the Mughal King Akbar’s court. Then, succeeding generation from this gharana, mainly musicians were expert in the dhrupad type of singing and developed a culture of duet vocal or Jugalbandi acts. The notable members of this gharana include Mian Karim Buksh Majzoob, Ustad Niaz Hussain Shami, Ustad Ahmed Khan and Ustad Vilayat Ali Khan. The city of Sham Chaurasia derived its name since Sham stands for evening and Chaurasi for 84, and as there is the group of 84 villages formed as a land revenue unit during the reign of Ranjit Singh. It is believed that the creators had got a parcel of a land as a gift from Akbar.

Known Personalities from Sham Chaurasi Gharana

Earlier, the Gharana was signified by Ustad Vilayat Ali Khan, who was famous for his Dhrupad singing and Nazakat and Salamat who were his sons, later became popular for their duet singing. Several unforgettable classics of classical music mainly of contemporary times has been sing by these two brothers Ustad Nazakat Ali Khan (1920s-1984) and Salamat Ali Khan (1934-2001). Following the partition of India, their family migrated to Lahore and appeared as one of the foremost performers of Classical music in the Pakistan.

Demography of Sham Chaurasi

Sham Chaurasi possesses a total population of 4221 inhabitants in which 52% are males and 48% are female citizens according the details of Census of India 2001. The average literacy rate of the city is 69% which is specifically higher than that of National average literacy rate which is 59.5%. Also, 75% are male literates and 63% are educated females. The total populace of children under the age of six years is 13% part of the whole population.

Banking Services in Sham Chaurasi

Being a small city of Hoshiarpur District, the banking structure of Sham Chaurasi is not too adequate for the citizens here and needs to be developed. Presently, there are only two banks in the city which look after the financial and investment needs of this town. The district as well as state administration is working hard on providing a better infrastructure in the future. So, here we have put down the details of the two banks located in Sham Chaurasi.

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
IFSC Code: PUNB0343800
MICR Code: 146024030
Address: Sham Chaurasi, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab 144105
Contact: 01882-263226 Inderjit Singh

State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
IFSC Code: STBP0001033
Address: VPO Sham Chaurasi, Distt Hoshiarpur, Punjab, PIN 144102
Contact: 01882 263101

Healthcare Services in Sham Chaurasi

There is only one Community Health Care centre in Sham Chaurasi along with various hospitals located nearby the city; this forms the health infrastructure of Sham Chaurasi. Similar to the banking structure, this too needs to be bettered and the municipal council with the district administration is considering many schemes regarding this betterment. For the meantime, the inhabitants of the city flock to the nearby towns of Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur, its district headquarters.

Manjit Hospital
Address: Near Nakodar Chungi, Nurmahal, Jalandhar, 144039
Contact: 0182 1-242311

Miglani Hospital
Address: Main Road, Adampur AD, Jalandhar, 144103
Contact: 9815 019034

Puran Hospital
Address: Adampur Doaba , Mehar Road, Adampur Doaba, Jalandhar, 144102
Contact: 0181 -2753285

Purewal Hospital
Address: Chandigarh Road, Opp Aslamabad, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-2235035

Shivam Multi Super Speciality Hospital
Address: Near Railway Crossing, Phagwara Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-248273/249273

Gur Simran Hospital
Address: Naloian Chowk, Dasuya Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-698205/238079

Ahuja Children Hospital
Address: Mall Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-236632

Anoop Kumar Modern Hospital
Address: Govt College Chowk, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-234868

Bal Krishen Hospital
Address: Krishna Nagar, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-222220

Bansal Hospital
Address: The Mall, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-224588

Bhadwaj Clinic
Address: Beas, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-273122

Bharat Clinic
Address: Talandhar Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001

Charan Kanwal Hospital
Address: Govt College Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-254819

Child Care Hospital
Address: Khan Puri Gt, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-228933

Choudhary Surgical & Maternity Home
Address: Mukerian, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-238334

Deep Nursing Home
Address: Tagore Nagar, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-221573

Gulati Hospital & Maternity Home
Address: Heera Colony, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-221316

Hope Hospital
Address: Chhabewal, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-270100

Kalia Nursing Home
Address: Railway Station Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-222138

KDM Dental Hospital
Address: Mall Road, Hoshiarpur City, Hoshiarpur, 146001
Contact: 0188 2-237058

Safety and Security in Sham Chaurasi

The Police station of Sham Chaurasi comes under the Hoshiarpur Police of Punjab and is liable of maintaining a strict law and order in the town. It has been quite successful in handling all the crime cases and has also helped in decreasing the crime rate of Sham Chaurasi as well. The police station provides a strict security around the town on any special occasion or festival and residents here always feel safe under their guarding.

Transportation in Sham Chaurasi

Although the town has its own railway station, i.e. Sham Chaurasi Railway Station (SHQ), it is also located very close to the major railway station of Jalandhar Cantonment which is just 24 km from the Sham Chaurasi city centre. The closest airport to the city is Ludhiana Airport (LUH) which is 67km from here. Well, there are also many buses available to Hoshiarpur which connects to it to the other cities of Punjab conveniently.

Sham Chaurasi at a glance

Country: India
State: Punjab
District: Hoshiarpur
Geographical Coordinates: 31.4997°N 75.7494°E
Official Languages: Punjabi
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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